Special Services

Will-Call Orders

Planning on brewing tomorrow but don't have much time to spend at the store? Do you know exactly what you want and don't want to waste time? Then our new Will Call service will be very welcome.

Simply call us the day before, give us your order and we will have it ready with the grain milled, the liquid yeast activated (if desired), everything bagged up and ready to roll with your receipt already printed for you. This is absolutely the quickest way to get your brew stuff and be back home brewing. We will make every effort to get orders ready with only several hours notice but cannot guarantee it if we are busy.

The only drawback to this quick in-and-out service is that you won't be spending as much quality time with us. Don't worry though, we'll survive. We've been talking to ourselves for years and will continue to get along just fine without conversation (sob, sob).

Yeast Activation

While we have been offering this service for quite some time, many of you are unaware of it. We have had several customers make a trip to the store simply to pick up their liquid yeast pack for the next days brew while waiting on the rest of the ingredients `till brew day.

Make an extra trip no more. Just pick up the phone and we can activate your wyeast pack for you. Then just pick up the yeast with the rest of your batch.

Bridal/Gift Registry

The Beer Nut is proud to be the first homebrew store in Utah to have a bridal registry. Yes, that's right a bridal registry (o.k. perhaps simply a gift registry but that just doesn't have the same ring to it). All you future wives and husbands, or those coming up on birthdays, anniversaries, father's/mother's day, graduations or any other special occasion can come by and make up a list of desired gifts.

We will keep this list on the computer and help out those special friends who drop by to shop for you. Moreover, while you are here you might want to check and see if there is anything you could get for your special friends. Not only does this service help out your friends and family and ensure that you get the wonderful items that you have been dreaming about but it is also fun. Imagine telling your wedding guests that you are registered at The Beer Nut.

Special Bulk Discounts

We have implemented a new option for purchasing bulk grains. You can now purchase a full bag worth of any of our base malts at a 20% discount over the per pound price and leave it here at the store for storage. This allows you to still get a good price break on your barley without having to own a mill for crushing or bins for storage. We will keep track of your purchases and let you know when you have used up your 50 pounds.

Note that you still get the best deal when you take your grain with you. Our 50 pound bags are price at about 25% off the per pound price when you take them home.

Used Equipment Board

At The Beer Nut we don't have much space to keep lots of used brewing equipment on hand. However, we know that many of you have items which you have either outgrown or simply stopped using. Therefore, we now have a cork board available for posting used equipment notices. Do you have old brew pots, chillers, fridges or other equipment just using up space? Well write them up on a 3x5 or similar sized card and bring it down to post. Hopefully someone else has the perfect home for your old equipment. Please keep notices brief and make certain to include your name and phone number so that others can contact you.

Same-Day Shipping

Tired of being told to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery? We at The Beer Nut sympathize with you. Orders received by 1:00 p.m. are usually sent out the same day. This means that even with cheap UPS Ground service you should get your goodies in a matter of days. If we are out-of-stock on an item we will ship it to you as soon as it arrives free of any shipping charges. For even faster service we can ship UPS Next Day or Second day.